Original 1944 Dated British RAC MK1 Steel Helmet

Original 1944 Dated British RAC MK1 Steel Helmet

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A scarce original Royal Armoured Corps MK1 Steel Helmet dated 1944 and in good condition.

This pattern of helmet was produced specifically for armoured crews and shares the same shell as the dispatch rider's helmet and the second pattern HSAT airborne helmet. They saw extensive use with British and Commonwealth troops as well as the Army Film and Photographic Unit during the Second World War. The shell features a textured finish to the exterior and a steel rim is pressed onto the edge. The paint finish to the exterior has become very dark from handling. The interior is less dark and gets progressively lighter inside with the top being the light green shade of paint used by Briggs Motor Bodies during WW2. This light coloured paint finish gets consistently darker with handling which suggests that this example saw extensive use.

Inside the helmet the original liner is present and is held into the helmet with the correct pattern of brass bolt which has a slightly domed head. It is maker marked 'F.F.L' which denotes Fisher Foils Ltd as the maker and bears the size of 7. The 1944 date is also present and clearly legible. 

The original chin strap is also present and is the complete elastic pattern. The original owner has added his service number to it which may offer the prospect of further research. 

A rare and hard to find wartime helmet which is in great condition and has a good clear date. This would make an excellent addition to any WW2 collection!