Original 1942 Dated Wolseley Helmet by 'Sutton'

Original 1942 Dated Wolseley Helmet by 'Sutton'

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An original 1942 dated Wolseley pattern sun helmet made by 'Sutton'.

This pattern or helmet has its roots in the 19th Century when sun helmets were a common site in the tropics. They were still in use throughout the Great War and in the interwar years but were phased out in the early part of the Second World War making this one of the last to be made. Often referred to as 'pith helmets' due to the type of cork they were made from which was chosen for its lightweight qualities. This inturn is covered in a khaki coloured cotton drill material and the interior is lined with silver foil to help deflect the heat from the sun. A pugree is fitted around the dome of the helmet and a vent is placed at the top. 

Inside the helmet is a leather sweatband as is usually found on this pattern of helmet. The makers name of 'Sutton' is stamped into the leather as is the size of 6 7/8 and the 1942 dated. The War Department broad arrow marking is also present. 

The helmet is in reasonable condition for its age with some soiling to the exterior and signs of wear and age to the interior including two tears to the leather headband. 

Altogether a reasonable example of this pattern of helmet with a nice clear date.