Original 1941 Dated Home Guard MK 2c Steel Helmet by 'B.M.B'

Original 1941 Dated Home Guard MK 2c Steel Helmet by 'B.M.B'

Code: 52828


An original 1941 dated British Mk 2C Steel Helmet made by Briggs Motor Bodies and in good condition. 

This pattern of helmet was introduced in the late 1930s to replace the earlier brodie helmets. This example is a MKII 2c as is denoted by the three holes in the rim. These helmets were not for use with frontline troops but were instead to be issued on the Home Front. The Khaki Green No. 3 paint finish applied to the helmet would suggest that this was a Home Guard issue example. 

The helmet features its original paint which is the early war KG3 shade. It has a sand textured finish and is the same both inside and out. There is a section to the top of the helmet around the screw where the paint has come away and there is some scuffing and marks. Overall though it displays very well and has a bright, fresh appearance as the paint hasn't darkened with handling and use. 

The shell is stamped 'B.M.B' to the underside of the rim which denotes the manufacturer as Briggs Motor Bodies. The 1941 date is also present to the same area adjacent to the chinstrap lug. 

The original liner is present and is held in with an original, small size screw. It bears the date of 1940 and the size of 7 is stamped in two separate places. The original chinstrap is also present and is in fair condition. 

All in all a nice original early war helmet with a lovely KG 3 paint finish. This would make a great addition to a Home Guard collection.