Original 1941 Dated British Army RAC Tank Crew Fibre Helmet

Original 1941 Dated British Army RAC Tank Crew Fibre Helmet

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A scarce original early Second World War Royal Armoured Corps pattern helmet which was made in 1941. 

This pattern of helmet is synonymous with tank crews in the very early part of the Second World War. They are now very rare to find today due to only being produced during the first couple of years of the war. The design is based on miner's helmets of the period and features a fibre shell with extra reinforced section to the crown. There is a sponge to the front and the helmet offers no ballistic protection being designed to protect the head whilst inside an armoured vehicle. The exterior of the helmet has been painted with the early war Khaki Green No. 3 colour of paint which is consistent with the timeframe it was issued in. The factory black finish can be seen to the interior. 

Inside the helmet the liner system is intact and appears to be in good condition. The reverse of the leather sweatband bears the War Department acceptance stamp which is surmounted by the letter 'P' which confirms 1941 as the year of manufacture. The helmet is a smaller size of around a 6 3/4.

The overall condition of the helmet is good and it displays well. There are no serious flaws or damage but please take time to study the pictures before purchasing and bear in mind that it is a vintage, pre-worn item which may have small flaws commensurate with age. 

A nice original example with a fantastic period repaint. This would make a nice addition to any WW2 British helmet collection.