Original 1941 Dated British Army MKII Steel Helmet by 'BMB'

Original 1941 Dated British Army MKII Steel Helmet by 'BMB'

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An original 1941 dated British Army MKII Steel Helmet which is fitted with an original Indian pattern helmet net. 

This pattern of helmet came into use with the British Army in the late 1930s and was the standard issue steel helmet by the outbreak of war, although the earlier MK1* helmets were also still being issued at this stage. The shell was made by British Motor Bodies and the underside is stamp 'B.M.B' confirming this. There is no clear date although there is a number 1 which may be part of a date. The shell is finished in green which has a consistent finish throughout and does not look to be the factory finish. 

The original liner is present which is dated 1941 and stamped as a size 7 1/2. The maker's initials of 'T.T.C' are also present which denotes the manufacturer of Teddy Toy Company. The top securing nut is the original and the screw is the small head type which was introduced in 1941.

The helmet comes complete with an original chin strap which is in good condition.

The overall condition of the helmet is very good with only limited signs of wear and age. Overall it displays very well but please take time to study the pictures before purchasing. 

All in all a very nice helmet which displays well.