Original 1940s British Army 1922 Pattern Ordinary Ranks Peaked Cap

Original 1940s British Army 1922 Pattern Ordinary Ranks Peaked Cap

Code: 52983


An original 1922 Pattern Ordinary Ranks Peaked Cap dating from around the time of the Second World War and in good condition.

This pattern of cap came into issue with the British Army during the inter-war period and saw service throughout the Second World War and into the 1950s. It was worn with the Service Dress uniform but was also seen worn with the new Battledress uniform introduced in 1938. They were still being worn by a number of units during the Phoney War and during the Battle for France with some regiments or individuals still wearing them later in the war.

This example features a East Yorkshire Regiment cap badge to the front and two brass general service buttons to each side. These hold an original brown chin strap across the peak of the cap. The interior is lined with black oilskin as is common to find with this pattern of cap and the underside of the peak is dark green. 

There are no markings left inside the hat so it is impossible to date exactly. It is a good match for WW2 examples in my collection and was certainly made during the same period. The size is also missing but it measures 22" around the inside circumference and will fit a size 6 7/8 - 7 size head well. 

The cap is in reasonable condition overall and displays well. There are a couple of small moth nips to the crown and some signs of age and wear. Overall it is a nice example which is very usable. 

A nice original period cap which would suit a collector or a re-enactor well.