Original 1939 Dated Air Raid Warden's MKII Steel Helmet

Original 1939 Dated Air Raid Warden's MKII Steel Helmet

Code: 54021


An excellent original WW2 British MKII Steel Helmet painted in ARP Warden colours. 

This pattern of helmet was introduced in the late 1930s and replaced the earlier brodie helmet shell shape used during the Great War and early inter-war period. They saw widespread issue throughout the Second World War with all arms of service including the Civil Defence. 

The helmet came out of the factory in 1939 in a gloss chocolate brown colour which was a widespread finish which was used during that year. The exterior has been painted black and features a 'W' painted to the front and rear which denotes the wearer as an Air Raid Warden. This paint scheme was used pre-war and throughout the whole of WW2.  The warden 'W' has been hand applied by a professional sign writer which is typical of the period. All the paintwork is undoubtedly original period work and has survived well. The manufacturer's markings are also present to the underside of the helmet as shown in picture 7. The maker's initials of 'F & L' are present as is the 1939 date.

The helmet is fitted with the correct pattern of chin strap which features sprung sides which appears to be original to the helmet. An original liner is also present and, unusually, does not feature a maker's mark or date. The only marking is the size of 7 1/4. It is, none-the-less, an original item and in good condition. The liner is held in place with the correct pattern large brass screw which was used during the early war period.

The overall condition of the helmet is good and it displays well. There are marks to the paintwork and various signs of age to the liner but generally speaking it appears to be sound. 

A very nice early example of an ARP helmet with a nie clear date. This would make an excellent addition to any Home Front collection!