Early War British Army MK II Steel Helmet By RO & Co.

Early War British Army MK II Steel Helmet By RO & Co.

Code: 10552


A good honest early war example of the British Army MKII Steel Helmet made by RO & Co. in good original condition.

The makers stamp RO & CO can be seen inside the rim. This stands for Rubery Owen & Co Ltd of Leeds who manufactured helmets between 1939 and 1943, making this an authentic wartime example without a doubt. A date is stamped next to the makers mark but is hard to read. It could be revealed with some sand paper but I did not want to ruin the original finish.

The helmet retains a good coat of paint still to the outside with the usual chips around the rim. The paint on the inside is the original paint an in great condition.

The helmet has an original chin strap which is in excellent condition and still looks very fresh. The liner is also good featuring the early large securing nut. The cruciform head pad has come out but I have one which I can supply with the helmet.

All in all, an excellent example of an early war British Army Steel Helmet.