1942 Dated Dispatch Riders Helmet by BMB

1942 Dated Dispatch Riders Helmet by BMB

Code: 50152

An excellent wartime example of a dispatch riders helmet dated 1942.

1942 was the first year of manufacture of this pattern of helmet which replaced the earlier cork pattern, making this a very early example. The date is stamped inside the leather headband as well as the manufacture 'BMB' which stands for British Motor Bodies, one of the most prolific helmet manufactures of the Second World War. Also stamped is the size 6 3/4. Although marked as a small size this helmet will fit up to a size 7.

The outside of the helmet retains 99% of its original green finish which is the typical light green used by BMB throughout the war. There is the odd the chip and numerous blemishes which are to be expected. The condition is still outstanding in my opinion.

The interior is virtually immaculate. The paint work on the metal she'll is perfect, the leather work is in excellent shape as are the buckle and pop std on the chin strap and the white cotton head support is free from any damage or staining.

This helmet would compliment any collection and would certainly be hard to better.