1942 Dated British Army Forage Cap - Size 7 3/8

1942 Dated British Army Forage Cap - Size 7 3/8

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A fantastic example of a British Army Forage cap clearly dated 1942 in a good large size 7 3/8ths.

This cap was the standard issue hat to the British Army and Home Guard from the outbreak of the Second World War until 1943 when it was replaced by the General Service beret.

This particular example was made by J Collet ltd in 1942 and is a large size 7 3/8. This is stamped inside the cap along with the War Department broad arrow mark which is still very clear.

The condition of the cap is excellent as can be seen in the photographs. It has clearly only had very limited use and has been well stored over the years. It is slightly creased from storage and the two brass buttons to the front of the cap are tarnished, but aside from this it is extremely good. There is also a small hole where a cap badge has previously been mounted.

Original wartime forage caps in a large size and good condition are rare to find and this would no doubt compliment any collection.