Rare Prisoner Of War Made German Feldmutze Ski Cap

Rare Prisoner Of War Made German Feldmutze Ski Cap

Code: 50182


This incredible Prisoner of War made German feldmutze style cap came to me from a small collection which was put together during the 1990s all from items which came directly from veterans.

This cap was made and worn in a Prisoner Of War camp during the Second World War in Italy. I now can't remember if it was worn by a British or a German prisoner, but I have the paperwork to prove this somewhere.

The cap is well made and is a faithful copy of the German M43 feldmutze featuring the 'boat' shape to the back of the main body and the long peak. Inside the cap is lined with a typical grey German army material. The main part of the hat is made from a light khaki cotton in keeping with uniforms worn by the Africa Corps. This hat was almost certainly made from theatre used uniforms as they would have been worn out, so cut up to make new, useful items.

This truly is a remarkable piece and a must have for the Prisoner of War collector. You would certainly struggle to find another example!