Orignal Great War French Army NCO's 'Horizon Blue' Tunic

Orignal Great War French Army NCO's 'Horizon Blue' Tunic

Code: 50171


An amazing original French Army 'horizon blue' tunic as worn NCO's during the First World War.

This rare tunic is made from a light blue serge material and lined with a rough cream lining. It features a button front with four brass buttons as well as two flapped hip pockets and a flapped upper pocket.

The back of the tunic looks incredible as it has a belt back over a patrol back. This is the standard pattern for this tunic and looks fantastic!

Inside the jacket is a dressing pocket which has the numerals 85 followed by another marking written on it in ink. To the side of this is the name 'TRAO' written in large letters.

The condition of the jacket is very good considering it is around 100 years old, but it has clearly been worn and does show signs of wear. There are dark stains to the jacket, mainly on the back as well as one or two on the arm. There is also a small red mark on the right hand sleeve. The lining is also soiled from use. Please study the photographs to get a better idea of the condition.

A original and rare Great War jacket which has some amazing details. This would compliment any collection I'm sure.