Original British Army 1908 Pattern Webbing Belt - Size M

Original British Army 1908 Pattern Webbing Belt - Size M

Code: 51363


An original 1908 Pattern Webbing Belt as used by the British Army during the First and Second World War.

This pattern of belt was introduced into service with the British Army shortly before the Great War and saw widespread use throughout the conflict. It stayed in Service throughout the inter-war period before being replaced by the 1937 pattern belt in 1938. The 1908 pattern was still issued during the first years of the Second World War with many being used in the BEF and the Western Desert.

This particular example was made by the Mills Equipment Company as can be seen by the MECo stamp. Following this is a date which is hard to read but looks to be 1918. Two previous owners have marked their names around the same area as the stamps and the belt has been blanco'd at some stage.

The belt is in good condition overall and displays well. It shows signs of wear and age but there is no serious damage.

A good example of a Great War period webbing belt which would suit both the collector and re-enactor well.