Original British Army 1908 Pattern Cross Strap

Original British Army 1908 Pattern Cross Strap

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An original British Army 1908 Pattern webbing cross strap which was made by 'MECo'.

This pattern was introduced as part of the 1908 webbing equipment prior to the Great War. It was worn as a pair on the marching order set as braces or could be used as a single strap with a haversack or water bottle. 

This example is maker marked 'MECo' which denotes Mills Equipment Company as the maker. The date follows this but is no longer legible, as is often the case with Great War period webbing. It does however bear a regimental marking 'G. O. R.' and the original owner has stamped the last 3 digits of his serial number.

The strap is in good condition with some signs of wear and age. One side has been blancoed and overall it displays well with no serious flaws.

A good original example.