Original 1917 Pattern British Army MK VII Rain Cape

Original 1917 Pattern British Army MK VII Rain Cape

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A scarce original 1917 Pattern MK VII British Army Rain Cape as used in the Great War as well as in the inter-war period and early part of the Second World War. 

This pattern of raincape was introduced in mid 1917 and stayed in service until 1941 when it was replaced with the tan version. The cape was designed to be worn over the soldiers uniform and equipment in wet weather and could also be used as a shelter half. Introduced in the Great War, this pattern was still in use in the 1950s, albeit in OD green by that stage. 

The cape is made from a dyed cotton which is rubber proofed, or vulcanised on one side in a dark brown colour. Brass grommets are fitted around the edge of the cape to allow it to be tied to another, making a shelter for two men. The front of the cape fastens with the correct flat buttons, all of which are still present. The cape features a collar which can be fastened around the wearer's neck with the same style buttons as used for the front. 

Inside the cape the original maker's mark is still present although it is worn and therefore not legible. 

The cape is in good condition for its age and displays well. It is still very supple and there are signs of wear and use as well as some staining but overall it is a very good example. The brown exterior has a dusty feel to it and sheds a little dust when agitated. This has been reflected in the price although it still displays well. 

This is a rare piece of BEF period British Army kit which is a must have for the serious collector.