Original 1915 Dated Sam Browne Pouch, Ammunition

Original 1915 Dated Sam Browne Pouch, Ammunition

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A very nice early example of the Sam Browne 'Pouch, Ammunition' clearly dated 1915.

This pattern of pouch was used in conjunction with the Sam Browne equipment throughout the Great War by British Army Officers. It was designed to hold 12 loose rounds.

This particular example was made by 'Hobson & Sons' of London in 1915. These details are stamped to the rear of the pouch.

The overall condition is very good as can be seen in the photographs. It appears to have had limited use if any and displays very nicely indeed.

All in all a very good example of this pattern of pouch with a nice clear early date. This would make an excellent addition to any First World War collection without a doubt.