Original 1908 Pattern Second Issue Frog (Converted)

Original 1908 Pattern Second Issue Frog (Converted)

Code: 51469


An original 1908 Pattern Second Issue Frog dating from around the Great War.

This frog started life as a second issue example as used during the Great War as is evident from the two rivets. Following the withdrawal of the helve and Intrenching tool in 1923 all frogs were to have the rear helve holder strap removed. There is clear evidence of where it was originally fitted.

Sadly the makers name and date are no longer legible but it would have been made before 1923 as it came out of the factory with the helve holder strap.

The frog is in good condition for its age with various signs of use and wear. It has been blancoed at some stage but overall displays well.

A good original inter-war example which would be ideal for someone interested in this period or that of the British Expeditionary Force in 1939-40.