Original 1908 / 1914 Pattern Converted Haversack

Original 1908 / 1914 Pattern Converted Haversack

Code: 51468


An original 1908 / 1914 pattern converted haversack in good condition.

This pattern of haversack is essentially a standard third pattern example which has been converted so that it can be worn with the leather 1914 pattern webbing. This is identified by the brass grommets fitted to the two rear straps which allow the pack to be worn with the leather set.

Inside the bag the original canvas divider is still intact and appears to bear the manufactures name and date. Sadly this is now hard to read. There are other markings to the inside of the main flap including a War Department inspectors stamp with he number '83' which has been stamped over an earlier stamp.

The bag is in good condition for its age with some signs of wear and use. It has been blancoed at some stage and appears to have some sort of emblem to the front which looks like a red four leafed clover.

Altogether a reasonably good example of this pattern of small pack which would suit a collector or re-enactor well.