Scarce Original Great War British Army Officers Tie

Scarce Original Great War British Army Officers Tie

Code: 50697


A very scarce Original example of a Great War British Army Officers tie as worn with the Service Dress Tunic.

This rare neck tie is typical of those worn during the First World War and are now very hard to find. The tie is based on the fashion of the Edwardian period and is knitted from a silk and wool blend, features a narrow neckband, square ends and is very short when compared with a modern tie.

The tie is in good condition considering it is over 100 years old but it does show signs of wear where it has been tied at the neck many times. This isn't noticeable if the tie is tied as it would be if displayed on a mannequin.

This is a rare opportunity to but an item that is missing from many a Great War collection. This would be ideal to finish a mannequin display and a must have for the WW1 purist collector. |

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