Scarce Original 1931 Dated British Army Leather Jerkin - Size 3

Scarce Original 1931 Dated British Army Leather Jerkin - Size 3

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A scarce original British Army leather jerkin which was made in 1931. 

Inter-war British Army uniform and equipment is very rare as only a very limited amount was produced during this period due to the large stocks leftover from the Great War as well as the cut in spending on defence and the scaling back of the military. The jerkin is the same design as those used in the Great War and notably very different to the more common Second World War pattern. It features a different neckline and is a much boxier shape. The buttons are also correct for the Great War period and are an oversized faux leather 'football' button design with a metal back. They are attached to the jerkin with metal split rings which is another feature of Great War jerkins as illustrated in picture 9. 

The interior of the jerkin is lined with a green coloured wool serge. The original stamp is still present and bears the 1931 date below which is the size of 3. 

When laid flat the jerkin measures - 

Chest - 24"
Shoulders - 20 1/2"
Length at rear - 30"

The jerkin is in worn condition as can be seen in the pictures. It displays well with some flaws to the stitching which is illustrated in the pictures. There is also some damage to the lining and a large period repair to the front. THe main part of the lower most button is also missing. Please take time to study the pictures before purchasing and bear in mind that this is a vintage workwear piece which has some flaws commensurate with age. 

A rare pattern of jerkin with a nice inter-war date.