Original Great War Royal Flying Corps Leather Waistcoat Jerkin

Original Great War Royal Flying Corps Leather Waistcoat Jerkin

Code: 53261


A scarce original Great War period Royal Flying Corps leather waistcoat jerkin in excellent condition. 

This pattern of waistcoat was introduced in the latter part of the Great War with a handful of RFC labeled examples surviving today. Whilst this jacket does not retain its label it is a very close match to one that does. 

The waistcoat is made from a tan coloured leather and is lined with a grey wool shirting material. It features a double breasted closure, as was common with RFC items which were designed for maximum warmth when flying at altitude in an open cockpit. The coat fastens with two large leather straps through which are passed wooden toggles, the lower of which is attached to a length of braided leather. There are two more braided lengths of leather inside the jacket which feature wooden toggles to fasten them, although one is no longer present. There is also an interior patch pocket which is another noted feature of the Royal Flying Corps pattern of leather waistcoat. There is a purple ink stamp to this although it is no longer legible. 

Aside from the aforementioned missing toggle to the interior, the jacket is in excellent condition. Whilst there are some limited signs of age etc, it displays extremely well indeed. There are no serious flaws or damage and all the stitching appears to be strong. 

A rare piece of vintage flying clothing which would make a fine addition to any collection.