Original 1915 Dated British Army B5 Ankle Boots

Original 1915 Dated British Army B5 Ankle Boots

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An incredibly rare find these - A pair of original 1915 dated British Army B5 Ankle Boots in incredible condition.

There were a number of patterns of boots used by the British Army during the Great War but the B5 were without a doubt the boots to have seen the widest issue and now considered the classic British Army boot of the First World War.

These boots have all the features one would expect to find with an original B5 boot. To begin with the shape is typical with its flat toe which can really be seen from the underneath and is totally unmistakable as a B5 boot. They are made from leather with the smooth side on the inside and the rough side of the high on the outside which is standard on all B5 boots. The rough outer layer has been treated at some point, most likely with dubbin and possibly polish to darken them from a light brown to the dark brown they are today. This was standard procedure in many regiments and it's possible that this has been done to make these a pair of 'best boots' for walking out and perhaps explains why they have survived so well.

Another classic feature of the B5 boot is the brass rivets which hold the facing to the vamp and was a standard feature on B5 boots. 7 brass eyelets are featured and a set of old leather laces are present. I wouldn't like to say the are original after over 100 years have passed but they are certainly old and the correct type.

The sole of the boot features the correct heel and toe plates, the later being affixed with the correct style screws. The studs are the clover leave pattern which were used during the Great War. The waist of the sole has the numeral '9' stamped onto it denoting the size, a makers mark which in design is typically Edwardian and the date of 1915 which match on both boots.

The condition of the boots is extremely good as can be seen, particularly when you consider that they are now over 100 year old! All the stitching appears to be strong and there is no damage anywhere that I can find. They look to be completely wearable today and certainly display incredibly well.

A truly stunning pair of boots which would be extremely hard to better. A must have to complete that Great War collection!