Original WW2 Royal Engineers Majors Uniform Grouping

Original WW2 Royal Engineers Majors Uniform Grouping

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An excellent original Second World War uniform grouping which belonged to 116696 Major Bouttell who served with the Royal Engineers in Great Britain, Northern France and Iceland. 

These items belonged to Hugh Charles Bouttell who was an officer in the 666 Artisan Workshop Company, Royal Engineers. At the beginning of the war he was a 2nd Lieutenant but was quickly made up to Captain by early 1940. He went out to France in April 1940 and then Iceland in 1941. The grouping consists of a large amount of paperwork and photographs pertaining to his time in the Royal Engineers. 

The battledress jacket is a 1940 pattern example which has had the collar tailored as was often done by officer's. It has been professionally and neatly done and allows the jacket to be worn in a smarter manner with a shirt and tie. The jacket comes complete with its original insignia which includes embroidered 'Royal Engineers' shoulder titles below which are South Midland District formation flashes. Underneath these are Royal Engineers arm of service stripes and RE pattern major's crowns are fitted to each epaulette. A medal ribbon of the 1939 - 45 star is fitted above the left breast pocket. Inside the jacket the original label is still present and bears the title of 'Battledress Blouses, Serge' along with the size of 10. The maker's name of 'The Rego Clothiers Ltd' is also present, as is the 1941 date and the War Department broad arrow marking. 

Major Bouttell's original service dress uniform is also included in the grouping. The jacket features Royal Engineers buttons throughout along with Royal Engineers collar badge and majors rank to the epaulettes. A lanyard is fitted to the right shoulder and the original matching cloth waist belt is still present. The trousers match the jacket and the overall condition of both pieces is good. There is also a Sam Brown belt which would have been worn with the SD set which is in good condition. 

Two hats also form part of the grouping with the peaked cap being made by 'Bates'. It is a typical wartime example made from barathea. It features a wide leather chin strap which is held onto the cap with officer's pattern Royal Engineers buttons. A bronce officer's pattern Royal Engineers cap badge is fitted to the front. The interior of the cap features a green coloured baize lining and a leather sweatband which bears the maker's name as well as the style name of 'The Bates service cap'. As well as this there is a coloured field service cap which is a high quality example and features a bullion Royal Engineers cap badge and gilt Royal Engineers buttons to the front. 

A large quantity of paperwork is included and is all housed in a 1939 dated folder (picture 22). His British Expeditionary Force officer's identity card is also present and is dated December 1939 to the front. Inside it is dated in ink 22-4-40 and is signed by an officer in Nantes which suggests he was stationed in that area with the BEF. His Officers' Release Book is also present and shows that he was demobilized at the end of 1945. There are also numerous pictures including group pictures and studio pictures of different sappers which are assumedly men who served under him. His medals are also present as is his whistle and a brass ring. Southern Command formation flashes are also included which were probably removed from his battledress when he transferred to the South Midland District. 

Altogether an excellent wartime uniform grouping with plenty of paperwork and pictures which offers the prospect of further research.