Original WW2 British Army 1940 Pattern Battledress Blouse - Overdyed

Original WW2 British Army 1940 Pattern Battledress Blouse - Overdyed

Code: 51645


An original British Army 1940 Pattern Battledress Blouse overdyed for workwear use. 

This jacket started life as a standard British Army issue 1940 Pattern Battledress Blouse made between late 1940 and 1942. It has been overdyed a navy blue - black colour for use post-war. This was sometimes done by individuals who bought them as a cheap surplus jacket and then re-dyed them to make them look less military. They were also re-dyed by a variety of government bodies, again for use as workwear. 

The jacket is made from serge wool and features a cotton drill lining to the collar and cuffs and twin internal pockets made from the same material. There is clear evidence of where the original issue label was originally attached. The waist belt fastens with the early style wire buckle which would suggest this jacket was made in either late 1940 or 1941. 

The jacket is a smaller size which will fit around a 36" chest depending on desired fit. When laid flat it measures - 

Chest - 21 1/2"
Waist - 16 1/2"
Inside arm - 17 1/2"
Outside arm - 23 1/2"
Shoulders - 17 1/4"
Length - 20 1/2"

The jacket is in reasonable condition for its age but shows signs of wear and use. There are a few small holes dotted around although due to the colour of the jacket they are only noticeable on very close inspection. Please study the pictures and bear in mind that this is a pre-worn workwear item which is roughly 80 years old. 

This style of jacket would have been a common sight in Great Britain in the immediate post-war years. The cut of the jacket was very fashionable at the time meaning it can be worn with flannel trousers or workwear trousers. A Versatile item which is evocative of post-war Britain.