Original 1960s Men’s Shirt by ‘Storex’ - Green/Blue Needle Strip

Original 1960s Men’s Shirt by ‘Storex’ - Green/Blue Needle Strip

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An original men's collarless shirt with matching detachable collars in a green and blue needle stripe  and in un-worn condition. 

This shirt is in new old stock condition and has never been worn. It was still in its original packaging with its pins etc, so has never been worn! I have only removed it for photography purposes.

The shirt is typical of those made in the mid-century period. It features a half button front, or 'tunic' front which was popular in the pre-war years before slowly being replaced by closer fitting, full button front shirts in the 1950s and 1960s. Made from a lightweight poplin cotton in white with a fine needle-stripe of green and navy blue, typical of men's shirts from this period. 

The shirt comes with two matching detachable collars which fasten onto the neckband of the shirt with collar studs (not supplied). The cuffs are double cuffs, or 'french' cuffs which fasten with cufflinks. The front of the shirt is also a 'double front', sometimes referred to as a 'bib' front which features a second layer of matching material.

Inside the shirt the original label is still present and reads 'Storex brand' and features a graphic depicting a lion. Above this and stamped directly onto the neckband is the size of 14 1/2". The collars feature the same stamp and the correct size of 15", as detachable collars are always worn a size larger than the neckband. 

The shirt is a smaller size and when laid flat measures - 

Chest - 21 1/2"
Inside arm- 21"
Outside arm - 24 3/4"
Length - 34"
Shoulders - 17"

The shirt is in very good condition and as previously stated was still in the packing until removed by myself and is therefore un-worn. It does have some faint storage marks and may have other small issues consummate with age and time spent in storage so please take time to study the pictures. 

A nice original period shirt in good condition and complete with its matching collars!