Original 1960s Blue French Workwear Chore Jacket

Original 1960s Blue French Workwear Chore Jacket

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An original French Chore Jacket in blue and dating from the 1960s. 

This type of jacket is synonymous with French artisans, workers and labourers of the mid-century period and is arguably the most iconic jacket ever produced in France. 

This example dates from approximately the 1960s, the collar shape being an indicator of this. It is made from the usual snaforised cotton used in France during this period due to it's hard wearing nature. 

The jacket is a smaller size and when laid flat the jacket measures - 

Chest - 21 1/2”
Inside arm - 18”
Outside arm - 22 3/4”
Length - 27”
Shoulders - 18”

The condition of the jacket is reasonable considering it is a vintage work piece. It has a variery of stains and other signs of wear and use. Pleaser study the pictures and bear in mind that this is a pre-worn, vintage work jacket. 

A good original example with lots of character, staining and wear - as they should be!