Original 1950s Men's Pin Stripe Half Placket Shirt

Original 1950s Men's Pin Stripe Half Placket Shirt

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£65.00 Approx $81.15, €76.92

An original men's collarless shirt with half placket front, dating from the 1950s and in worn condition. 

The shirt is typical of those made in the mid-century period. It features a half button front, or 'tunic' front which was popular in the pre-war years before slowly being replaced by closer fitting, full button front shirts in the 1950s and 1960s. Made from a lightweight poplin cotton in white with a fine needle-stripe of green and navy blue, typical of men's shirts from this period. It could easily pass as a 1930s or 1940s shirt. 

The shirt features a simple barrel cuff with two button holes, designed to be worn with cuff links.

When laid flat the shirt measures - 

Chest - 23 1/2"
Inside arm- 21 3/4"
Outside arm - 24 1/2"
Length - 36"
Shoulders - 17 1/2"

Collar - 14 1/2"

The shirt is in reasonable condition with various signs of wear and use. There are a number of holes, mainly to the rear. The condition is reflected in the price but please take time to study the pictures.

All in all an average example of a mid century shirt which has a good and honest used look to it.