Original 1950s Ladies Shoes by 'Crocket & Jones'

Original 1950s Ladies Shoes by 'Crocket & Jones'

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A stunning original pair of ladies brown leather shoes made by 'Crocket & Jones' and in fantastic condition. 

These shoes date from the late 1940s to early 1950s and are typical of those worn for outdoor activities during this period. The upper is made from brown leather and features a plain rounded toe whilst the throat features four eyelets through which the original laces are still present and feature leather tassels to the end. The soles are rubber 'Commando' soles made by 'Itshide'. This maker started making rubber soles for flying boots during WW2 as well as rubber soles for ammunition boots as used by the Commandos and other Special Forces, hence their name. They were a popular alternative to leather soles in the immediate post-war years. 

Inside the shoes the maker's name is marked as 'Crockett & Jones' who are a well renowned English boot and shoe maker. Information is marked to the inside of the quarter including the number '65' which may denote the size of 6 1/2 as they are roughly a size 6. The shoes measure - 

Length - 10 1/2"
Width at widest point - 4 1/8"
Width at narrowest point - 2 3/8"

The shoes come complete with their original wooden shoe trees which are of a high quality. One of the wooden feet bears the original owner's name - 'Mrs Bruns'.

The shoes are in fantastic condition as can be seen in the pictures. There are no real signs of wear or age and they look to be very wearable. They are of course a vintage, pre-owned item which must be taken into consideration before purchasing. 

All in all a nice original pair of high quality ladies shoes which would have been very expensive in their day!