Original 1950s Collarless Needle Stripe Shirt by 'Weltus'

Original 1950s Collarless Needle Stripe Shirt by 'Weltus'

Code: 52084


An original men's collarless shirt made by 'Weltus' in the 1950s.

This shirt is typical of those worn by men in the first half of the 20th Century. It features a neckband collar to which a detachable collar could be fitted and worn with a tie, and french cuffs which are worn with cufflinks. The shirt is a half placket front, or 'tunic' front example. This style of shirt was popular with men in the UK from the Victorian period through to the 1960s when they were phased out in favour of more fitted, full button front shirts.

The shirt is made from a lightweight cotton which is white with a blue and green needle stripe. It features a 'double front', sometimes called a bib front and can be seen on the chest. 

Inside the shirt the original label is still present and features typically 1950s graphics. It states the maker as 'Weltus' and the also reads 'Sanforized Regd Shrunk Fabric'. Above this and printed directly onto the neckband, the number '14 1/2' can be seen and denotes the collar size. When laid flat the shirt measures - 

Chest - 22 1/2"
Inside arm - 24 1/4"
Outside arm - 27 1/4"
Length at front - 31"
Length at back - 34"
Shoulders - 17"
Collar - 14 1/2"

It is important to state the sleeve measurement includes the double cuff. When worn turned back with cufflinks the measurement will be approximately 2 1/2" less than stated.

The shirt is in good condition with some staining as is shown in the pictures. It is still very wearable but please bear in mind that this is a pre-worn, vintage shirt which may have other small issues consummate with age. 

A nice original 1950s men's shirt with some great features. It is typical of those worn during the period and would make a great addition to any wardrobe or collection!