Original 1940s Men's Undershirt by 'Alpha' - Size 40 (2)

Original 1940s Men's Undershirt by 'Alpha' - Size 40 (2)

Code: 50810


An original 1940s men's woollen undershirt by 'Wolsey' in a good wearable size 40.

This shirt is typical of those made in the 1930s and 1940s and were worn by men from a variety of walk of life, as well as in the military. Whilst the Army, RAF and Royal Navy had issue vests like this, private purchase examples were often worn. They are all very similar to look at and were quite possibly made in the same factory.

The three button front on this example is standard for the 1930s and 40s as are the three small horn buttons. The label is also typical of the period and reads 'Aplha, All Wool, Size 40, Made by Wolsey'. Wolsey were one of the most prolific manufactures of this type of garment for many years.

When laid flat the top actually measures 19" pit to pit but I assume due to its stretchy nature it fits a 40 chest, as labelled.

The overall condition of the undershirt is good and it is certainly still wearable. There are no holes or signs of damage that I can see but there are various period repairs and some stains. Please study the photographs.

All in all a nice wartime period undershirt which would make a good addition to a collection or display. It is also a good wearable size so may well suit a re-enactor.