Original 1940s German Made Gebrigs Jäger Style Climbing smock

Original 1940s German Made Gebrigs Jäger Style Climbing smock

Code: 50607


An amazing German made late 1940s climbing smock loosely based on the Gebrigs Jager smock which is in stunning condition.

This smock almost certainly dates from the immediate post-war years and features a whole host of stunning details. German 'Ruhr' brand zippers have been used for the main zip and chest pocket zip and have a distinctly German Deco look to them. The plaid lining is also incredible and so typical of the period. The interior also features two white cotton pockets which feature a button and tab closure. The waist is elasticated which allows the top of the jacket to blouse out, giving it that period look. There is also a button and tab at the waist which means the jacket can be worn unzipped but still be held in the shape previously described - another great little detail. There is a button cuff and two lower buttoning pockets to the front of the jacket. Sadly one of the buttons is missing from one of the pockets.

The original labels are still present inside the jacket and are found just under the neckline. They are both in good condition and still bright and legible today.

The cut of the jacket is typical of the time being very waisted and cut short in the body. There is plenty of room in the chest as it is cut very lose and it should fit up to a 40" chest comfortably and easily smaller. The shoulders are also quite generous. I have described the jacket as a medium but it would fit a small to medium fine.

The overall condition of the jacket is very good as can be seen in the photographs. There are no signs of damage or excessive wear to be found anywhere. It is worth remembering however that this is a vintage item that is over 70 years old and whilst it is in very nie condition, it is not a new item.

This is a truely stunning item and similar examlpes are now becoming very hard to find. This would be ideal for someone who collects vintage menswear or is interested in vintage climbing.