Original 1940s CC41 Collarless Shirt 'Wheatsheaf Brand C.W.S' - 14 1/2

Original 1940s CC41 Collarless Shirt 'Wheatsheaf Brand C.W.S' - 14 1/2

Code: 54846


An original 1940s cotton collarless shirt which was made under the CC41 utility clothing scheme which was brought into effect in the UK in 1941 as part of the larger rationing scheme. The idea behind it was that affordable, quality clothing would be available to everyone of every class and could be bought using coupons.

This shirt is typical of those made and worn during the 1930s and 1940s. It is made from a lightweight cotton, features a blue and white striped pattern and has a half-placket front which is pulled on over the head. This design was prevalent from the Victorian period through to the 1950s when full button front shirts started to gain popularity. The shirt also features a simple French cuff which is intended to be worn with cufflinks.

The collar is neckband style made from the same material as the body of the shirt with a white cotton lining. It is designed to be worn with a detachable collar but can also be worn without one. Below this the original label is still present and features the CC41 utility logo along with the code number of 3024/4. The maker's initials of 'C.W.S' are present which denotes the Co-operative Worker's Society as the maker - better known today as the Co-op. The 'wheatsheaf' logo is also present as is the BDA Rigmel Shrunk label. 

The shirt is a medium size which will suit around a 36" chest depending on desired fit. When laid flat measures - 

Chest - 21"
Inside arm - 23"
Outside arm - 26 1/4"
Shoulders - 16 1/2"
Length at back - 37 1/2"
Collar - 14 1/2"

It is important to remember that these shirts are cut very wide across the chest to allow them to be pulled on over the head so the true fit will be much smaller than the measurement provided. The cuff measurement also needs to be shortened by 2" if the shirt is to be worn with cufflinks. 

The shirt is in good condition for its age and displays well. There are only very limited signs of wear and overall it appears fresh and it is very wearable. Please study the pictures before purchasing and bear in mind that this is a pre-worn vintage shirt which has small issues commensurate with age.