Original 1940s Brown Leather Flying Boots

Original 1940s Brown Leather Flying Boots

Code: 51763


An original pair of brown leather flying boots dating from approximately the 1940s.

This style of boot was very popular for flying and motorcycling during the 1930s and 1940s. The shape of the boot is similar to that of the RAF 1936 Pattern flying boot but features a more shapely toe, jodhpur straps to the vamp and a red fur lining. These boots were clearly a bespoke made item and would have been expensive in their day. Due to this they are impossible to date exactly. 

The boots have had 'Aero' brand zippers added to them, most likely in the 1950s. These have clearly been retrofitted as there is evidence of where a pull loop was previously stitched to the interior of the boots. The pull loop on the other side is still intact and is made from a colourful elastic.

The soles are leather as are the heels. The heels feature metal 'Blakey' heels and the tip of the sole features metal toe plates with ornate detailing, typical of early expensive footwear. 

The soles measure just under 11 1/2" in length and just under 4" at their widest point. I believe they will fit around a UK size 8 but please check the measurements before purchasing. 

The boots are in good condition for their age with various signs of wear and use. They display very well but please take time to study the pictures. 

A great pair of boots with some nice details.