Original 1930s Striped Flannel Stripe by 'Medico' - Size 15

Original 1930s Striped Flannel Stripe by 'Medico' - Size 15

Code: 52558


A nice original men's collarless work shirt made by 'Medico' in the 1930s. 

This shirt is typical of those worn by men of the working and middle classes during the interwar period. It is made from a thick wool flannel and features a double layer to the upper portion of the shirt for extra warmth. The shirt is a half placket front, or 'tunic' front, as was common during this period. It features a fantastic stripe pattern featuring blue and oatmeal colours which is so indicative of the era. The shirt has a white cotton neckband collar to which a detachable collar can be fastened. 

Inside the shirt the original label is still present and features graphics typical of the time. It states the brand as 'Medico' and features the very workwear slogan of 'Wash well - wear well'. The collar size of 15 is also present to the label. 

The shirt is a larger size which will fit a 42" chest well. Due to their half placket design, these shirts are cut wide across the chest and shoulders. When laid flat it measures - 

Chest - 25 1/2"
Inside arm - 18 1/2"
Outside arm - 23 1/2"
Length at front - 31"
Length at back - 35"
Shoulders - 19 1/4"

The shirt is in good condition for its age with only small signs of wear and use. Please remember however that this is a pre-worn shirt of over 80 years old and may therefore have small issues consummate with age. 

A nice original inter-war piece of menswear in a fantastic fabric and with a great label!