Original 1930s French Spearpoint Collared Shirt by 'Noveltex'

Original 1930s French Spearpoint Collared Shirt by 'Noveltex'

Code: 53646


An original French men's shirt made in the 1930s and still in its original packaging. 

This style of shirt was very popular in the 1930s with men. It is made from a sky blue coloured poplin cotton which features a dark blue stripe. The front of the shirt features a bib section in which the stripes run horizontally instead of vertically which is a lovely piece of design. The shirt has a large spearpoint shaped collar which is typical of the era. Inside the shirt, the original label is still present and bears the maker's name of 'Noveltex'. There is also a paper price ticket affixed to the front. 

The shirt has clearly never been worn as it is still fitted around its original cardboard packaging. It has suffered from time in storage however and is now stained. It may be possible that this will come out with cleaning but it is sold as a reference piece only. Please study the pictures before purchasing. 

A striking original shirt from the 1930s with a great label!