Incredible Original Late 1970s Wrangler Denim Cut Off 124MJ Western

Incredible Original Late 1970s Wrangler Denim Cut Off 124MJ Western

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An incredible customised original 1970s Denim Cut Off made by 'Wrangler'.

This type of jacket was worn by bikers and Heavy Metal fans in the 1970s and 1980s. They are an iconic piece of clothing from these British subcultures but are very rare to find today. Usually they are not offered for sale and are kept by the original owner or the family making this a rare opportunity to own an original example.

The jacket started life in the 1970s as a Wrangler 124MJ Western Jacket which is now a classic and iconic denim jacket in its own right. This example has had the sleeves removed and would have been worn unbuttoned over a leather jacket more than likely. All the buttons are metal and marked 'Wrangler' and there is a small Wrangler label above the left breast pocket. To the rear are two waist adjusting tabs which also fasten with metal Wrangler buttons. 

The jacket has been heavily customised by the original owner who was clearly a motorcyclist and heavy metal fan. The badges and patches would have been added over a period of time which adds to the story of the jacket. There are various band patches including AC/DC, Motorhead, Iron Maiden and Van Halen as well as some motorcycling related examples such as the British Motorcyclist Federation. Various pin badges have also been added as have metal studs. The band name 'Motorhead' is painted in large letters across the shoulders at the rear and there are other ink additions, many of which pertain to the same band. 

The jacket is in well used condition and clearly saw wear over an extended period. This really adds to the character and authenticity of the jacket and is impossible to replicate. There are some missing buttons to the front and fading and staining etc so please study the pictures before purchasing.

It is very rare that original cut offs come up for sale so don't miss this opportunity to add a real one to your collection!