Incredible 1940s Czechoslovakian Made Hooded blouson Climbing Smock

Incredible 1940s Czechoslovakian Made Hooded blouson Climbing Smock

Code: 50603


An incredible late 1940s Czechoslovakian made hooded blouson climbing smock with a zip front and elasticated waistband band cuffs.

The short cut of this jacket is typical of the period and gives it that ski jacket or blouson style which is so iconic and looks fantastic when worn with high waisted trousers. The hood is interesting as the zip is designed to zip up to the bottom of the wears face rather than there neck, meaning that the hood can form a tight seal around the face. When undone with the hood worn down this creates an excellent neck line.

The jacket is made from a lightweight gabardine cotton and features a Czechoslovakian made main zipper. The original label is also still present inside the jacket just below the neck line and is still clear and legible today. As well as the elasticated cuffs and waistband, there is a small tab and button at the bottom of the zipper which does up over the stopper.

A truly stunning and rare jacket from the late 1940s which would be an asset to any vintage menswear enthusiasts collection without any doubt!