1940s Private Purchase Leather Jerkin with Moleskin Lining

1940s Private Purchase Leather Jerkin with Moleskin Lining

Code: 50461


An original 1940s period private purchase leather jerkin with moleskin lining in fantastic unworn condition.

This style of leather jerkin became popular with soldiers fighting in the Trench during the First World War, many of whom kept them for work in the interwar years. Some private firms saw a gap in the market and began producing their own versions such as this one. This example is of a much higher quality to those issued by the British Army being made from a much more durable leather and featuring a high quality moleskin lining.

The overall condition of the jerkin is fantastic as can be seen from the photographs. Both the leather and moleskin lining are in excellent condition and all the original buttons are present. There are imprints of the buttons in the leather and creases from where the jerkin has been stored for many years, but these should come out and have damaged the material in any way.

The jerkin is a small size and will fit a 34" chest, possibly a 36" at the very most.

A fantastic original mid century item in wonderful condition. This would be very hard to better!