Scarce Original 1943 Dated Able Seaman's 'Jumper, Serge'

Scarce Original 1943 Dated Able Seaman's 'Jumper, Serge'

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A scarce original austerity pattern Able Seaman's jumper dating from 1943 and in unworn condition. 

This pattern of jumper was introduced in 1941 as an austerity measure and replaced the early pattern which had been in service since 1932. The austerity pattern does not feature the buttoning cuff found on the previous pattern and the collar is made of a single layer of material, rather than two. Interestingly however, twin interior pockets are employed. 

To the rear of the jumper the original paper label is present which would suggest the jumper has never been worn or even issued. It bears the title of 'Admiralty Jumpers, Serge along with the size of 13. The maker's name of 'Prices Tailors Ltd' is present below which is the 1943 date. There is also a purple issue stamp applied over this which has the date of April 1944. 

When laid flat the jumper measures measures - 

Chest - 21"
Inside arm - 20"
Outside arm - 22 1/2"
Shoulders - 18"
Length - 27 1/2""

The jumper is in very good condition for its age with no signs of wear and use etc. It displays very well with no serious flaws or damage but please take time to study the pictures before purchasing and bear in mind that it is a vintage, pre-owned item. 

A hard to find original war dated example complete with its origin label. This would make a great addition to any collection and would be very hard to better!