Original 1940s Royal Navy Able Seaman's Uniform

Original 1940s Royal Navy Able Seaman's Uniform

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 An original British Royal Navy Able Seaman's uniform which dates from around the time of the Second World War. 

This pattern of uniform was introduced in the 1930s and saw service into the 1950s which makes it hard to date exactly. The jumper is the correct WW2 pattern made from a very dark blue coloured wool serge and features two interior pockets. The original indigo blue coloured cotton tapes are still present to the front and medal ribbons are fitted to the left breast including the Atlantic Star which show that the original owner fought in the Battle of the Atlantic. 

The trousers are the post-1932 Royal Navy Ratings Serge 'Bell Bottom' pattern as worn throughout the Second World War and in the immediate post-war period. This pattern of trousers features a flap front, a style which dates back to the 19th Century. They have a wide leg which was designed to be easy to roll up when cleaning the deck (a daily chore) and easy to remove if in water. Inside the trousers the original maker's label is still present which bears the brand name of 'W. Cooper (Harwich) Ltd' and typical period graphics. Private purchase uniform items like this is quite common to find from the period and was most likely worn as a best or 'walking out' uniform. 

When laid flat the uniform measures - 

Chest - 18 3/4"
Inside arm - 20 1/2"
Outside arm - 23 1/2"
Shoulders - 16 1/2"
Length at rear - 28"

Waist - 14 1/2"
Inside leg - 30 1/2"

The uniform comes complete with a blue jean collar which is the pre-war style with stitched white cotton tape rather than the later printed type. A white top is also included and came to me with the uniform. 

The items are in good condition with some signs of wear and age. The jacket displays well with a small amount of damage to the cotton tape at the front of the jacket. The trousers are also good with some small areas of moth damage which have been highlighted in the pictures. The white top also shows plenty of signs of wear and use. 

A nice original WW2 period uniform which belonged to a Battle of the Atlantic veteran.