Original WW1 RFC Triplex C2 Flying Goggles + Case

Original WW1 RFC Triplex C2 Flying Goggles + Case

Code: 52965


An original pair of Great War period goggles made by Triplex. 

This style of goggles was popular with both flyers and motorists around the time of the First World War. They are typical of those worn in the early stages of the war by the Royal Flying Corps and would suit an early war display or mannequin well. 

Triplex were a prolific manufacturer of goggles in the early part of the 20th Century. As stated on the box and also stamped onto the leather tab of the strap, these goggles are the 'C2' model. They are a high quality pair of goggles which feature split frames which allow the lenses to be removed. Stockinette material covers sprung frames to the reverse of which is fur. An elastic head strap is present and features two metal adjusters. The leather tabs which hold this onto the goggles are marked with the 'Triplex' logo to the front and the model number to the reverse. 

The goggles come complete with their original case which is in good condition for its age. To the front is the Triplex Safety Glass TSG logo above the words 'Aero Motoring Goggles'. The model name is again present as is the word 'clear' which relates to the type of lenses fitted and would suggest that the goggles and box have always been together. 

The goggles are in very good condition considering their age. There are some signs of age and foxing, particularly to the fur trim and the strap has lost most of its elasticity. They do however display very well and a better pair would be hard to find. 

A nice original pair of early goggles which would make a great addition to an RFC collection.