Original WW1 RFC Triplex AB Aero Mask + Case

Original WW1 RFC Triplex AB Aero Mask + Case

Code: 55022


An original Triplex Aero Mask dating from the Great War. 

This pattern of goggles was produced in the early part of the First World War and was the forerunner to the Royal Flying Corps MK1 Goggle Mask which was essentially the same item but produced under contract for the military. This pattern replaced the earlier rubber pattern and was intended to be worn with the cowl pattern flying helmet.

The goggles feature a leather face cushion which would have originally had a fut backing. Set into this are teardrop shaped frames with clear lenses which articulate in the center which allows them to be folded up. There is an elastic strap which can be adjusted with metal slide adjusters. The original maker's markings are still present to the leather and reads 'Triplex Safety Glass STG A.B Aero Mask. This logo is replicated on both of the lenses. 

The goggles come complete with their original box which again features the maker's name and similar graphics as found on the goggles. They also state the style as 'FWT Model'.

The goggles are in good condition and display well. The lenses are still clear with no serious signs of delamination or similar and the leather is in very good condition save for a slight loss of stitching which is illustrated in picture 4. There is also a small chip to the right lenses and the fut is missing to the rear which is reflected in the price. Please take time to study the pictures before purchasing and bear in mind that this is a vintage item which may have small flaws commensurate with age. 

A nice example of this early pattern of goggles which displays well!