Original Great War Royal Flying Corps Triplex A3 Goggles + Case

Original Great War Royal Flying Corps Triplex A3 Goggles + Case

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An original pair of Triplex Model A3 aero motoring goggles dating from the Great War period and in good condition. 

This pattern of goggles was produced by Triplex during the First World War as part of their 'Aero Motor' goggles range. They were designed for both flyers and motorists and were a popular choice for flyers in the early part of the Great War. The same style can be found on page 135 of Mick Prodger's 'Vintage Flying Helmets' book. 

The A3 goggles are a typical Edwardian wire frame design with plated metal frames, stockinette sides and fur face cushion sections. A leather bridge piece connects the two eyepieces and leather tabs are located to the outside of each frame and are marked 'Triplex' to one side and 'A3' to the other. The strap is grey elastic and is fastened with a metal hook and loop at the rear. The lenses are yellow tinted examples as is common to find. The goggles are in good condition with their age with only limited signs of wear etc. 

The goggles come complete with their original leatherette case which also bears the maker's logo and the model style. The case is in good condition and displays well with limited signs of age etc. 

A nice original pair of Great War goggles which would make an excellent addition to any RFC display or collection.