Original WW2 Theatre Made RAF Sergeants Stripes

Original WW2 Theatre Made RAF Sergeants Stripes

Code: 54430


An attractive original matched pair of RAF Sergeant Stripes dating from the Second World War.

These stripes feature the black backing which is correct for WW2 rather than the later blue serge backing used post-war. They appear to be theatre made, most likely in India. They have what looks to be the remnants of the circular stamp to the rear of one of the badges and the chevrons are a lovely subdued colour made from a coarser thread than usual. 

The stripes are in good condition as can bee seen in the pictures and have clearly been removed from a uniform.

A nice pair of rare wartime stripes which would be ideal to complete a uniform. Far superior to any modern reproduction and ideal for a uniform or collection centring around the Western Desert, Italian Campaign or the Far East.