Original USAF B-15D Flying Jacket by 'Rolen Sportswear Co'

Original USAF B-15D Flying Jacket by 'Rolen Sportswear Co'

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£325.00 £385.00 Approx $447.04, €380.56

A stunning original USAF B-15D Flying Jacket by 'Rolen Sportswear Co' dating from the early 1950s.

This jacket closely resembles the earlier B-15 Flying jackets issued towards the end of the Second World War but features a blue nylon outer and amazing blue/green fur collar. The cut however is identical. It features a zipper to the front, two slash pockets to the front featuring pop studs, knitted cuffs and waistband, fur collar and two internal pockets which again feature pop studs.

The main zipper on this rare flying jacket is a heavy duty 'Talon' example which works well. The left sleeve features a pocket which has a 'Crown' zipper, which like the main zipper is typical of the period and works well. The Crown zipper also still retains its original leather pull tag which is a nice feature. Above this pocket the original USAF decal can just be made out. Under each arm the original tabs are intact and held to the jacket with the correct original pop studs. The leather square to the front has however been removed, although this doesn't detract from the jacket in my opinion.

Inside the jacket the all important original label is still present. It is quite worn but all the main details are still legible. The size is stated as 34 but it will fit a bit larger. I am a 36" chest and it fits me well.

The overall condition of the jacket is good and it looks great when worn. Structurally it seems sound and the knitted cuffs and waistband are, whilst not perfect, very good for a flying jacket of this age. The worst part about the jacket is that the collar has some damage, most of which can be seen in the pictures. There are a couple of areas of missing fur to the centre of the collar which show up as dips when the collar is folded down and can be seen in the close up photograph. With the collar folded up however this becomes invisible, as again can be seen in the pictures. The jacket does have various signs of age such as marks or stains and is far from mint condition but this has been reflected in the price. Please bare in mind that this is a vintage used item before buying.

Altogether this is a nice example of a very rare and desirable model of flying jacket. It has a great look to it and would make an excellent addition to anyone flying jacket or militaria collection!