Original 1953 Dated US Army O.G. 107 Raincoat - Size Reg - Med

Original 1953 Dated US Army O.G. 107 Raincoat - Size Reg - Med

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An original 1950 Pattern OG 107 US Army Raincoat dated 1953. 

This pattern of raincoat came into issue in 1950 remained virtually unchanged from its 1940s counterpart. They saw issue throughout the Korean War as well as the Vietnam War with this being an earlier example. 

The coat is made from a green cotton sateen which is a very waterproof material and was popular during the mid century period for this reason. The coat is cut in a typical raincoat - macintosh style which was prevalent from the 1930s through to the 1950s. The coat features a double breasted closure to the front which fastens with brown US Army style buttons. A belt is fitted around the waist and fastens with a metal buckle which has been painted the same shade of brown as found on the buttons. Two pocket flaps are located to each side of the coat which can be fastened with buttons. Through these flaps the wearer's hand can pass to the clothes worn underneath or into large pocket bags. The cuffs feature a button and tab arrangement, epaulettes are fitted to the shoulders and the collar features a tab which fastens around the wearers throat. 

Inside the coat is a button-in liner which can be removed in warmer climates. It features a wool blanket section designed to keep the wearer warm as well as a waterproof upper section to keep the wearer dry in extreme weather. 

Inside the pocket of the raincoat the original label is still present and is bright and legible. The official title is 'Overcoat Cotton, O.G. 107 With Removable Liner' and the size as 'REG MED'. The manufacturer's name of 'Wonder Fashions INC' is present as is the manufacture date of 26th of June 1953. 

As stated the coat is designed to fit someone of a Regular build and medium height. These coats are generously cut as they are designed to be worn as an outer layer. When laid flat the coat measures - 

Chest - 23"
Inside arm - 19 3/4"
Outside arm - 26 1/4"
Shoulders - 19"
Length - 44"

The coat is in good condition as can be seen in the pictures. It is a vintage, pre-worn item however and whilst it is still a very wearable coat it may have small issues commensurate with age. Please take time to study the pictures.

A classic mid century raincoat with some great features, typical of the era. These coats are very well made and will undoubtedly last for many, many years. This would make a great addition to any wardrobe!