Original 1953 Dated RAF Ordinary Airman's Khaki Drill Tunic - Size 3

Original 1953 Dated RAF Ordinary Airman's Khaki Drill Tunic - Size 3

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An original RAF OA Khaki Drill Tunic dating from 1953 but the same pattern as worn during the Second World War.

This pattern of tunic is officially designated as 'Jackets Khaki Drill O.A. 1949 Pattern' but would pass for a WW2 example for either reenactment or a mannequin. Wartime examples are now getting hard to find so this would make a good stand in.

The jacket features a four button front with two RAF style scalloped chest pockets and two lower flapped pockets, a waist belt and brass buckle and long sleeves. It is essentially the same as the blue serge RAF Ordinary Airman's tunic but made from a khaki cotton drill material. All the buttons are brass kings crown examples as used during the Second World War.

The sleeves feature nice WW2 period KD insignia including semi embroidered albatross badges and economy printed Leading Aircraftman rank badges.

nside the tunic the original label is still present and is bright and legible. It states the tunic as being a size No.3 which will fit a 32-33" chest and a 30" waist. The manufacture is marked as 'Guise (Leeds) Ltd' below which is the 1953 manufacture date. The War Department broad arrow marking is present below this. A second label is found inside and reads 'FULLY SHRUNK'. These are regularly found on British Made KD items.

The condition of the jacket is good as can be seen in the pictures. It has clearly been issued and worn but does not exhibit signs of undue wear or use. It does however have some rust marks; namely to the belt and to the rear shoulder area. These are detailed in the pictures and reflected in the price.

A good example overall which would make a fair stand-in for a wartime dated example.