Original 1950s RAF Officers Khaki Drill Tunic

Original 1950s RAF Officers Khaki Drill Tunic

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A good original Royal Air Force Officers Khaki Drill Tunic dating from the 1950s and in good condition. 

This tunic is identical to WW2 issue examples featureing a four button front and made from a heavy khaki coloured cotton drill. Unlike its Second World War counterpart, this tunic is fitted with Queens crown 'staybrite' buttons and a matching staybrite waist buckle. If these were changed it could easily pass as a WW2 example. 

The shoulders feature two loops each side which are designed to have eppauletes fitted to them. Above the left breast pocket are another two smaller loops which would have had a brevet fitted to it originally, meaning that the original owner was most likely a flyer. 

The jacket is a smaller size which will fit around a 36-38" chest depending on desired fit. When laid flat it measures - 

Chest - 19 1/2"
Waist - 16 1/2"
Inside arm - 18 1/4"
Outside arm - 25"
Shoulders 17"
Length - 31"

The jacket is in excellent condition with real signs of wear and use. It is quite likely that this was a 'best' tunic as it has been well looked after. There are some marks to the left sleeve as shown in the picturesbut overall the tunic displays very well. 

A nice original tunic which could easily pass as a WW2 example with only a little work.