Original 1940s RAF Ordinary Airman's Tunic - Size 5

Original 1940s RAF Ordinary Airman's Tunic - Size 5

Code: 53381


An original RAF Ordinary Airman's tunic dating from the 1940s and in good condition. The style of label used by Rego on this jacket matches those used in the Second World War and is different to those produced in the 1950s. There is no clear date but it is of 1940s vintage. 

This tunic is typical of those worn at the end of WW2 and features a set of insignia which includes wartime economy printed eagle badges to the top of each sleeve, below which are theatre made Leading Aircraftman badges. Two medal ribbons are fitted to the breast and denote the General Service Medal and the United Nations Korean War Medal. The lack of WW2 campaign medals would suggest the original owner only served post-war. 

The jacket comes complete with its original matching belt and brass buckle. 

Inside the jacket the original label is still present and is bright and legible. It states the size as 5 and bears the War Department broad arrow marking along with the manufacturer's name of 'The Rego Clothiers Ltd'. The date can be partially seen as 194*. As well as this label the original owner has added a piece of white cotton to the interior which bears his name and serial number - 2545495 Haigh.

The jacket is in good condition with some signs of age and use. Overall it displays nicely and has no serious flaws but please take time to study the pictures before purchasing. There is a small period repair to the rear which is only noticeable under very close scrutiny. 

All in all a nice 1940s RAF tunic which would make a good addition to any collection.