Original RAF P Type Oxygen Mask + Hose

Original RAF P Type Oxygen Mask + Hose

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An original RAF P Type Oxygen mask in good, complete condition. 

This pattern of oxygen mask is sometimes referred to as the P/Q Mask as they are very similar aside from their size. These masks were used by the RAF for a number of years in conjunction with the G Type Flying Helmetand 'Bone Dome' hard helmet. The mask is made from black rubber and features a metal horseshoe and 'bicycle' chain fitting to the front. An Amplivox 13100 microphone is fitted to the front of the mask above which is the data plate which reads 'Mask P.I.B 6D/3040'. This is followed by the War Department broad arrow marking and the maker's initials of 'M.S.A Co. Ltd.' which denotes Mine Safety Appliances Co. Ltd.

The mask comes complete with its original oxygen hose and connector which is marked 6D/2003. The metal clip is also still present. 

Overall a very nice example which is in good condition and is very complete.